Image Annotation

Image annotation in AI and Deep Learning

Getting the data ready is one of the most important parts of a Deep Learning/AI model. When it comes to Computer Vision models in Deep Learning, images are used as input. You can't put raw images into Deep Learning or AI models. So that these images can be used in AI solutions, they need to be processed according to an AI model.

Image annotation is the process of taking an image as input and processing it so that Deep Learning/AI models can use it. Consider the case of Yolo models, where each input image is annotated. For the Yolov8 model, polygons are drawn around each object in the image or picture during the annotation process. Details about each polygon are saved in a TXT file, along with a number that tells what kind of object it is. In a picture of a jungle, for example, there are trees, birds, and animals. On the tree, a rectangle or polygon is drawn. A polygon is also drawn around the bird and animal. In the text file, the unique category identification number for trees is 0, 1, and 2 for birds and animals, respectively. This process is repeated for every image you want to use in Yolov5, Yolov7, and other Yolo models.

There are a number of tools and software on the market that can be used to perform an image annotation process for object detection. Some Image annotation software can be found online, while others can only be used on a computer.

On the market, there are also paid or subscription-based image annotation tools that can be used for AI Computer Vision input image annotation.

Image annotation formats are used in different ways by different computer vision models. It's not something that all Computer Vision models do.Txt format are used to annotate images. Some models, like TensorFlow, are also used by R-CNN, the file for annotating images is in XML format.

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