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AI scope is great in the education industry as AI can be implemented

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The education industry is one of the largest industries not only in terms of business but also in terms of how many humans it impacts. Also, it is a vast industry because it covers from preschools to higher education or you can say even research and professional training comes under this industry.

AI scope is great in the education industry as AI can be implemented in Curriculum designing, exam paper designing, the management of education institutes, Surveillance and Security of institutes, Effective Transport/vehicle management for education institutes, and so on.

Chatbots and AI-based Assistants

With the emergence of ChatGPT and similar tools, everyone understands the impact of advanced chatbot tools which are based on AI NLP (Natural Language Processing) techniques. We are moving in the future direction where big Universities and Education Institutes would be having their own Chat GPT like NLP products deployed in their own IT infrastructure. We at Futureai Tech can help educational institutes to build their own chatbots based on their own data.

Data play an important role in designing NLP-based chatbots because if institutes have a large amount of data to train their AI Model then only this kind of solution be effective.

Exams and Assessments

Exams and Assessments for any educational institute consume a lot of resources like human resources. AI can perform this role very effectively by using past assessment scores and complexities of questions in assessments. Here AI can be used in atleast two areas e.g., designing Assessments based on past questions and scores by candidates in these questions and designing assessment/Exam questions.

Surveillance and Security Solutions

Surveillance and Security play an important role particularly if institutes are schools and playschools. To prevent unauthorized access to institute premises computer vision technique of deep learning can be used to design a solution that recognised an authorized person from face and prevents unauthorized persons from entering the restricted space using face recognition.

This face recognition system can also be used as a student and staff attendance management system. It provides multiple benefits to education institutes, in traditional ID card-based attendance systems, and biometric-based attendance systems there is an issue of queues in front of the system. Because of queues lot of lot and resources are wasted in traditional attendance management systems. We at Futureai Tech Pvt. Ltd. are having our own face recognition product which is based on the advanced AI technique of Deep Learning.

Transport Management

Transport is another area where the security of persons inside vehicles and the behavior of drivers play an important role. Driver drowsiness detection is a crucial aspect of AI in the transport management system.

We developed a driver drowsiness detection solution for Transport Industry which is very useful in the Education sector. This system works as an alert management system if there is some issue with driver behavior while driving the vehicle. Our solution of driver drowsiness detection detects if the driver is sleeping while driving or driver is alert and in full attention while driving the vehicle.

Using Object Detection and face recognition AI solutions education institutes can prevent any unwanted incident inside the vehicle.

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Data Processing for AI Models

We have expertise in processing raw data and converting it into meaningful data which can be used in AI Model training and validation. Different Python libraries are used to process the raw data and present the processed data in a structured format like Pandas, Numpy, OpenCV, matplotlib, etc. To perform the data processing jot we have a team of highly skilled and trained Data Scientists.

Face Recognition AI Models

Futureai Tech is having its own product in the domain of Face recognition using AI. For Face Detection, we use different deep-learning algorithms like MTCNN, Yolo, etc. After capturing the landmarks of the face, the embedding of face landmarks is created using models like FaceNet, VGG16, etc. We use advanced methods and models for face reorganization like RetinaNetResNet50, Yunet, and RetinaNetMobileNetV1, etc

Driver Drowsiness Detection

We have developed a solution for Driver drowsiness detection using AI technique of Deep Learning. Our solution on regular interval checks if the driver is sleeping or awake. For this purpose, our system monitors the IP-based CCTV stream of vehicle cameras in real time.


Collection Of Data
Reducing Manual Effort

Collection Of Data

Data is one of the most critical components of the AI model and solution. In education institutes study material and assessment data are scattered most of the time i.e., there is no centralized place where you can get data. So, it is always a challenge to collect data for NLP models and chatbots from different stakeholders.

Another issue is the format in which data is provided by different stakeholders in education institutes. This is another area of challenge as different people have data in different formats. So, it is always a challenging task to convert all data into a meaningful and structured format.

Reducing Manual Effort

The end objective of most AI-based systems and solutions is to reduce the manual effects and make the process and system more efficient using AI techniques. However, it is not as simple as it appears because training a new AI model lot of effort is involved. You get the benefits of AI model as you start using the solution and regularly improve it.


Attendance Management Using Face Recognition
Driver drowsiness detection
Surveillance and Security Systems

Attendance Management Using Face Recognition

Our product of Face Recognition using AI solutions many problems related to access and attendance related to education institutes. We at Futureai Tech Pvt. Ltd. developed a SAAS-based Face Recognition solution and system which uses the latest deep learning techniques of Face Detection, Face Embedding creation, and Face Recognition.

Driver drowsiness detection

We have developed a Driver drowsiness detection solution for the Transport industry. This solution of Driver drowsiness detection is very useful in school/education institutes where the driver’s role in critical while driving the vehicle which transports schools/preschool students.